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Let's get that farm started...

We recommend you start your farm right away, to make the most of the growing season. Simply follow the steps below, and scroll down for our intro video...


Choose a tray

Make sure the tray is nice and clean, and pop the farm right in - card and all! If you haven't got take away trays to hand, a plate or bowl will suffice.

Add water

Just 150ml is all it takes to get your farm going. Simply pour all over, soaking the pods and stickers. Then watch your farms spring to life!

A loving prod

To give your fledgling plants a helping hand into this crazy world, press down gently on each of the stickers to ensure each seed is nested down into it's pod. The stickers should stay loosely on the pods for the first 2 weeks to shade the seeds during germination. Keep the farm indoors and out of direct sunlight for now.


Your work is done! Put the telly on. Just remember to keep the pods moist (not too damp) with a nice glug of water into the base of the tray every 2-3 days. When you see the seeds start to grow, remove the stickers and move to a sunnier spot in the house.

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