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The Next Bit...

After a few weeks your plants will need a bit more space to keep growing. You can move them into bigger pots, or even try our amazing expansion packs! See how easy it is in our video below...


Grab another tray

Once again left-over take away trays are ideal for this stage! Just pop the pack in the bottom of a tray. If you don't have any take away trays, a bowl or plate will work fine too...  

Give it a soak

This time you will need 350ml of water to get your ex-pack going. Simply pour the water all over the pack, giving it a right good soaking


Chill your boots for 15 minutes and watch that pack expand!

Once full sized, check the hole is big enough for the pods, by wiggling your finger into the hole to expand it. 

Drop that Crop!

Remove your plant from it's nursery farm (this may require scissors) then give the roots a ruffle to loosen them a little. Then simply drop that crop right in! Press down firmly to make sure it is down into the pack as far as possible. 

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