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Oregano today 🌿, Oregano tomorrow 🌿

We've been enjoying clippings from our fresh oregano plants in salads and stews during the growing season, but now the days are shortening and the growth reduced, it's time to harvest and dry our plants for storage.

It is super simple to prepare the oregano plant - it just needs a few weeks to dry out in a warm and dry place. You can clip off each of the individual leaves directly from the plant and dry separately, but we prefer to simply clip each of the strands of the plant at the base of the strand and strip off the leaves once dried.

Once the stems are removed, you can bundle and tie and hang them upside-down to dry, but you may also spread out in between 2 pieces of newspaper and lay flat in a dark, warm spot in the house. 

After a week or 2, turn the stems over so the leaves get equal exposure to air, and dry uniformerly. 

Once the leaves are fully dried, remove by holding at the base of the stem and pulling up, to strip the leaves all at once. Store the leaves for up to 6 months in a glass jar or airtight plastic container, and enjoy in all different types of cooking and salads, Yummo's !! 😋 Hopefully you should have enough to get through to next seasons crop ! 🌿

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